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Pelvis Correction Therapy

Service Description

The pelvis or pelvic girdle, is a muscle, bone, and connective tissue structure. The pelvis and spine form one basic central structure, and is a foundation for the body, spine and skeletal frame. Pelvis position and freedom of movement are of principal importance in postural alignment. Any strain that occurs in this structure will peak in the weakest area -commonly the lower lumbar spine. Pelvic mis-alignment will also cause mis-alignment throughout the entire skeletal system – upwards through the spinal column (causing strain on spinal vertebrae segments in the lower, middle and upper back, and also affecting neck, shoulders and arms), and downwards through the legs (affecting alignment of knees, ankles and feet). Few people escape back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and other discomforts from the various musculo-skeletal problems. Many of these problems result from pelvic instability and mis-alignment.

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