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Relaxation Massage

Service Description

Relaxation / Swedish massage is a gentle, flowing, soothing, comforting massage. It applies soft-tissue technique that relieves stress and tension in the muscles, promotes wellbeing by relaxing muscles and tendons. A relaxation massage is not as probing or specific as a remedial massage, but problem spots can still be treated gently within the overall pattern of the massage. ******************************************************************************************************************************* Relaxation / Swedish Massage can increase circulation without increased heart load, increases the oxygen flow in the blood, and release toxins from the muscles. It can shorten recovery time from muscular strain, stretching of ligaments and tendons, skin stimulation and soothing of the nervous system. As it reduces stress, both emotional and physical, it is recommended as part of a regular program for stress management. The great thing about a relaxation massage is that you feel great afterwards, warm, relaxed and invigorated. The patient is required to be appropriately unclothed and oil is used for the treatments, which would usually be for an hour, although longer or shorter treatments are also possible.

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