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Skin Scrapping

Service Description

Skin Scraping (Chinese:Gua Sha ,is a form of “folk” medicine, that has developed through its long history into a very wide range of traditional natural therapies for treating disease. Skin scraping is based on ” Jing-Ruo ” meridians and follows the “radical is treat the symptoms” principle. It uses scraping instruments (horn, jade, glass cup) to scrap the skin related meridian points by the benign strong stimulation Meridian and dilated capillaries, in order to improve local microcirculation and eliminate the evil ” Qi “. This clears the meridians, “Shujin qi”, dispels wind and cold, banishes evil spirits through detoxification, clearing heat and dampness, promoting blood circulation, reducing swelling and pain purposes. As with many of the “folk” methods that are used domestically as a form of first intervention, the use of Gua Sha often precludes any need for any more complex medical treatment; and, because its use means that further medical treatment is unnecessary, the technique, although extremely widespread, is often hidden from view. As a result, its role as a significant participant in the overall health care of a community may not be immediately apparent. Therefore, in the case of Gua Sha, the term “folk” medicine should not be thought of as separate from the practice of the more complex Traditional Chinese Medicine, but as an immediate form of domestic “first-aid” intervention that serves to prevent any need for further medical intervention by a medical professional.

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