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Umbilical Acupuncture

Service Description

Umbilical acupuncture, the revolutionary modality, was discovered and created in 2000 by China’s renowned cosmetic surgeon and internationally renowned Master of I- Ching (YiJing) medicine, Professor Yong Qi. Searching acupuncture Chatswood shows you that navel acupuncture is rooted in I-Ching philosophy, and thousands of clinical trials in China have proven its astonishing clinical efficacy. Its underpinnings and applications date back to principles that precede traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or, for that matter, any other kind of medicine. Its advantages are being “simple, effective, practical, and extreme high efficacy”. If you’re looking for acupuncture Chatswood, we can help in the application of navel acupuncture. It inserts one or a few needles in navel areas. It is especially convenient for pain management and relief. Acupuncturists draw inspiration from the prehistoric classic philosophical of which form the basis of I- Ching ( YiJing ), Feng Shui, Confucianism, Taoism and many other Oriental concepts.

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