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How Skin Scrapping Works?

Updated: 11 hours ago

Regular scraping, can play a role of preventive health care and also promotes Qi and activates blood, dissolves stasis, adjusts the Yin-Yang balance, relaxes muscle/ tendon and accessibility “Jing-Ruo”, removes toxin, increases metabolism rate, and enhances the body’s own potential for disease resistance and immune functions. Clinical practice shows that treatment by scraping can assist to relax tense muscles. The removal of the pain and lesions is conducive to lesion repair. Thus, the scraping is an effective method to eliminate pain, muscle tension, and spasm. “Sha” There may be visible red or purple spots and patches in scrapping process. These in fact show that it is leaking outside the containing metabolites in capillary blood. If some of the products of metabolism are in the blood, blood circulation disorder will rise out of “Sha”. Indications: In classical Chinese practice, the “Gua Sha” technique is most commonly used to help as following: Fever Headache Sunstrokes / heat syncope and nausea. Fatigue caused by exposure to heat or cold. Cough and dyspnea: bronchitis, asthma, emphysema Muscle and tendon injuries Stiffness, pain, immobility Rheumatoid arthritis Digestive disorders Push sluggish circulation, fibromyalgia Urinary, gynecological disorders Attention: The ” skin scrapping ” is not suitable to use for everyone, it will be used for individual patient’s depending on their body system condition.

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