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What Is Umbilical Acupuncture and Why You Should Try It

Updated: 11 hours ago

Umbilical acupuncture is simple to administer, fast working and reliable. Many patients report instant benefits immediately after the first needle is inserted. This system uses very few needles and, hence, minimizes patient discomfort.

TCM maintains that, throughout our lives, we draw on a variety of internal energy resources. One type is the postnatal energy that we acquire and collect after birth. This type of energy is a bit like a battery that, unless it is reinvigorated, slowly discharges with use. It is this source that most healing modalities access.Another type of energy is the prenatal or, the energy that we inherit, generate, and collect before our birth. After birth, the body securely stores this type of energy in the navel area. Until recently, without extraordinary measures, this type of energy has not been easy to tap.

Navel acupuncture has changed that. This innovative modality is able to access prenatal energy. In fact, this is exactly how navel acupuncture is different to other forms of acupuncture. It enables us to draw on prenatal energies. Hence, so to speak, it has given us the equivalent of a fully charged spare battery to enhance the body’s capacity to heal itself. For this, and other reasons, navel acupuncture tends to generate positive and immediate results. It has superior clinical results on various pain conditions such as migraine, neck and back pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, arthritis, shingles, sciatic, trigeminal neuruoragia etc. Navel acupuncture has proven valuable to assist many difficult conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, parkinson’s, spinal cord injury, stroke, lupus, prostate problem, sinus allergy, tinnitus, asthma, amenorrhea, depression, weight loss, psoriasis.

Helen H.Wang is becamed one of a few of Dr. Qi’s apprentice TCM practitioner in 2004, and has generated great clinic results since fully apply this unique method in clinic.

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